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Metal Polishing

Welcome to Accent Metals

Thank you for considering Accent Metals Inc. as your source for architectural metals and all of your polishing needs.

Since 1999, Accent Metals Inc. has been a trusted resource for many. Whether it is exact polishing requirements, or large custom extrusions, sheets, bars, tubes and other shapes on a variety of alloys and finishes. We can also create a custom finish to match your industrial or architectural needs. We do it all!!!

Accent Metals Inc, we understand that polishing needs are usually time sensitive. Our ability to work as an extension to any shop has been our success.

Great quality and reliable service guaranteed.

Please take a look at our capabilities and contact us with your next requirements.

Metal Polishing

– At Accent Metals, we specialize in supplying and polishing a wide variety of metal. Metal polishing is used to create a prime, defect free metal surface. Any unwanted blemishes, pits or scratches can be removed and restored to a flawless finish. In order to achieve different finishes to your metal there is many ways to achieve the metal finish you want. Between our full satin finishing line and our polishing line we can accomplish the look you need. In our satin finishing department we will use abrasives to remove and defects and flaws from the metal until the wanted metal finish is achieved. Our mirror polishing department can either take something we have ran through our stain finishing line or your old inventory and make it look new again. At Accent Metals our team is actively growing and expanding our Satin Finishing line and our Mirror Finishing Line. We have multiple departments that to grind and hand polish. We polish everything from a 20 ton auger to a 2 foot kettle. Send your fabricated handrails, kettles and any other small misc. parts to us and achieve the first class polished look you need. We pay attention to every detail in your metal and do not let any metal leave our warehouse until it has passed through our inspection line. We strive to create the best possible metal finish and polish you can receive.

Metal finishing

- At Accent Metals we offer a wide range of different types of finishes to your metal. Metal finishes can give the surface of your metal a distinguished look. Our #4 finish is a Satin finish that will enhance physical appearance and increase sanitary benefits. A #6 finish is a finer satin finish that has a smoother appearance, it is more reflective than a #4 finish. A Non-direction finish or angel hair finish can be achieved in mass quantities as well. This finish is a random orbital design, reflective and long lasting. A #7 finish has a dull look with some polishing lines that give it a semi-bright finish. It is still very reflective but not as reflective as a #8 mirror finish. A #8 mirror finish is completely flawless, which is what makes it very reflective and is called the mirror metal finish. To achieve this look it is cut and then color buffed. Depending on the quality of metal determines the quality of the finish you will stay in contact though the entire process. Our metal finishes are handled with expertise. Metal finishes can benefit any metal to insure the quality of it, along with giving it a great distinguished metal look to it.

Architectural Metals

– Some of the metals we can provide for you are Stainless, Aluminum and Brass. All of which can be polished at a cost effective price. Our #4 Satin Finish is used in the medical and food industry. Along with most architectural buildings and designs. Our #8 Mirror Finish is used to create the high class polished look to any design, ranging from a custom table to a Tanker truck hauling fuel. At Accent Metals we are here to help you through the blue prints to installation. Contact our qualified sales team to help with your polishing needs. We can handle mass produced items with strict deadlines for polishing. We can polish anything from hundreds of bumpers to be chromed or a 50 foot extrusion that needs polished to a mirror finish. Metal polishing is our focus, but we blend welds, prep for chrome, create a finished look right to install. We focus our attention on every little detail and removing any flaws to our architectural metal, while pleasing our customers with our excellent customer service. We aren't happy until our customers are happy.